erty by 2014 through actions such as granting loans. In her weekly radio address, she said the massive "Brazil Without Poverty" welfare scheme launched early this month, will also .

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been evacuated from about 1,000 homes. There have been no reports of injuries. Governor Bill Ritter declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, saying the state was throwing 5 milli.

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A Secretary Eric Shinseki said, and as I stated plainly last week, we must work together to fix the unacceptable, systemic problems in accessing VA health care." "Today, we're prov.

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tion" after doctors completed surgery to repair a tear in his aorta Saturday morning, and he has been joined by his family. Holbrooke was appointed by Obama as the special envoy f.

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l counterparts to improve the island's infrastructure. Executives of tech titan Google have said Cuba should take into account its technological delay in terms of infrastructure a.

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ate Delaware, calling Democrats to get out and support their candidates in the coming mid-term elections. Obama and Biden teamed up to stump for Chris Coons, the Democratic senato .

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ainable monetary and fiscal measures, sound and well-regulated financial institutions, open and competitive trade flows. However, Harper also pointed out that the G20's role will .

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ded on Jan. 31, HP reported revenue of 32.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 4 percent from the year- ago period. According to Thomson Reuters, analysts on average expected 32. 96 billion.

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earthquake is estimated to be around 2 million, or one eighth of the country's total population. Residents slept out for a third night in Concepcion, still rattled by aftershocks..

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