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t the buildup of various capabilities in high Arctic is crucial to Canada's interests in the region. (Xinhua/Zhang Dacheng) RESOLUTE, Canada, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Canadian Prime Mi


to U.S. efforts to hand over security duties to Afghan forces - one of Washington's major goals for embattled Afghanistan. Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washingto.


ed States and its 30,000 paramilitary fighters were demobilized. Fuentes was once captured in 2008 but freed a year later, and then returned to criminal activity, officials said. B.


blican Tom Coburn hammered out the deal, allowing the Congress to adjourn on Wednesday and head home before Christmas. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on it later.


portation and mining, while educational services, arts entertainment and recreation, management of companies, health care services and finance industry reported contraction. WASH.

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the systemic risk of the "too big to fail" belief among financial firms, and create a consumer protection agency to better protect Americans. According to the mammoth legislative .

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ally was held Sunday in Venice Beach, a famous tourist attraction in Los Angeles, as organizers of the Occupy LA were discussing a demand list to give the movement a focus. The ra.

the Brazilian government's "Fome Zero" (Zero Hunger) program in Brasilia and other Brazilian cities. Sheeran praised the "active role" played by Lula's government in anti-hunger e.

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