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pected to leave the post of chairwoman of the board of directors on April 3 and will be replaced by Finance Minister Guido Mantega.? Full story Sao Paulo governor resigns to run fo


a was the one who shot him," while other information indicated Soria's wife was the killer. Vice Governor Alberto Weretilneck has taken over as the new governor. Soria, 61, was a me.


senger train crashed into a platform in Hoboken, New Jersey, on Sunday morning, injuring about 45 people, according to a CBS news report. The accident occurred at the Eerie Lackaw.


pecial interests in Washington over decades," Obama wrote. The president also called for more transparency in regulatory compliance that could "strengthen our country without undu.


orruption scandals. "We know that bad practices don't just harm people and damage the dignity of politics and business, but also erode the public's faith and the legitimacy of our.

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began, "Rachael was killed in her chair. She didn't even make it to the floor," said Goddard in an interview with Xinhua this week. The shooter who took Rachael's life was the sa.

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san deal to expand background checks for buyers seeking to purchase guns, as the upper chamber is poised to vote on the biggest change in gun laws in twenty years. Senators Joe Man.

ay 6 (Xinhua) -- Cuba will host a meeting of the Council of the International Investment Bank (IIB) Wednesday and Thursday, Cuba's Central Bank said Tuesday. The main goal of the .

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